About Us

Noblin Ventures

Noblin Ventures was incorporated in 2021 to take us further into the 2020’s and beyond in our endeavour to serve our customers better in the women’s demographic market, the Queens Of The House as we call them.

Our mission is to explore into this market’s current and future needs and requirements and to strive to satisfy them, as this market segment is of paramount importance to us.

Business Opportunities

Not only do we offer benefits in the form of products to our customers like all companies do, we also create business opportunities for women entrepreneurs to collaborate with us and become our stockists, agents and suppliers as members in our supply chain.

A Bit Of History

We are by no means a new player in this market; we have participated in this market since the year 2000. Our initial involvement led us to the establishment of Tia Amelia, a successful cosmetics brand which is still active to this day and age.

Our Team

We have a brilliant and talented team led by Datuk Nik Azman as the Managing Director and Datin Isma as the Founder/ Director.

Salam Hormat, and we hope you like it here.

Datuk Nik Azman Hussain, Managing Director
Datin Ismarohaiza Ismail, Founder/ Director
En. Nik Aziz Hussain, General Manager
Puan Siti Khadijah Yahaya, Personal Assistant To Director
Tia Amelia

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Tia Amelia

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